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Kindergarten of Stars (Chengyang, Qingdao)

Kindergarten of Stars (Chengyang, Qingdao)


Kindergarten of Stars (Chengyang, Qingdao)

Qingdao Chengyang Alice small Harvard kindergarten is located in Tsingtao TAHA community, is a high-end international bilingual kindergarten, set up young classes, small classes, middle classes, large classes. Each class is equipped with air conditioning, floor heating, piano, whiteboard, etc., the use of multimedia digital teaching, so that children in the game of learning to feel the joy of learning. Indoor large-scale sense of training "naughty fort" and outdoor supporting the softening of the playground and the import of large outdoor toys, children exercise physical, entertainment game paradise. All-weather high-definition camera, open and transparent our interaction with the child's process, so that parents immersive.
The bright and spacious "picture reading area" provides children with colorful Chinese and foreign fine picture books, the children in the warm and relaxed reading environment, enjoy reading pleasure, cultivate refined temperament; in the delicate and lovely "Mini Shop" (internship Shops), the children can actively through the usual performance of the accumulated prize card, regular use of teachers in the English language exchange, redemption of their favorite little gift, reflects the appreciation of my garden education, while training the child's social, expression, calculation and Financial ability; in the traffic safety simulation area, the children can not only understand the traffic lights and zebra line norms, but also through security education, know how to do a small civilians, from small to establish "international small citizens" consciousness.

Dare to take risks of people
A broad-minded person
In addition to the semester of teaching, story teaching, also cost millions of European and American national teaching characteristics courses Lasy and EQ, the development of children's hands-on ability, logical thinking ability and emotional intelligence training; in the characteristics of Classroom "baby kitchen", the children can make their favorite Chinese and Western pasta food, experience the sense of accomplishment of labor, cultivate hands-on ability and hard-working Thanksgiving character; fully embodies the kindergarten "love, thanks and respect" educational philosophy.
Kindergarten to "internationalization, nationalization, science and technology, life, bilingual, diversified, human culture" for the educational characteristics, with a love of education, love children, willing to sacrifice, hard work, innovative teachers. We work together for the children to create a love and happiness paradise.
Today, Alice small Harvard's children, tomorrow's 21st century global village pillars!

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