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Based on STEAM and BIG IDEA, popular education philosophy and approach, HappyVill has selected inter-disciplinary themes from children’s living and learning environment and process to guide children with essential questions in their exploration of the world. 

Developed by EduMaxi, an international education company consisting of education experts from all over the world such as the United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand, HappyVill aims to help children of 2-6 years old to develop their imagination and creativity, and improve their thinking and reading skills through a series of picture books. 

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● Based on the popular education philosophy of STEAM
● Based on 128 English picture books
● Based the inquiry-based approach of Big Idea 
● Use drama as a summary and review 
● Specially developed for kindergartens

● English picture books for children aged 3-8 recommended by Michael Yu
● Jointly developed by New Oriental and world-renowned EduMaxi 
● Specially developed for Chinese children by Chinese and foreign language experts and picture book illustrators
● Based on popular STEAM and Big Idea
● Develop international citizens with global perspectives

● Read with the world 

To enhance children’s reading experience and interest for learning, we have carefully selected pictures from HappyVill Readers and added AR effects, through which children can better interact with characters in the book, listen to original English pronunciation, and learn English with ease. Playing and doing make learning more interesting and memorable with vivid pictures and immersive interactive learning experience.