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Our Advantage

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By virtue of 22 years of New Oriental’s education philosophy as well as its culture deposits, management experience and education resources from home and abroad, NOS lays strong foundation of standardized, personalized and high quality operation of preschools with respects to preschool teaching management, research and practice in preschool teaching and preschool human resource management and training. Hence, advantages for operating kindergartens are as follows:


1. Teaching and research: NOS has established an education research faculty. We invite qualified experts from South Korea to continuously discover new teaching models in line with leading edge education research outcome, in order to provide training and guidance for all NOS kindergartens. We also engage with country wide famous preschool and early childhood education experts from Beijing Normal University, Capital Normal University and Nanjing Normal University as NOS’s education counselor.


2. Group Management: NOS adheres to the principle of direct management for all kindergartens, in order to ensure, promote and expand the NOS brand image in all kindergartens regarding teaching philosophy, features, curriculum and management being implemented.


 3.Funds:New Oriental Education & Technology Group has been successfully a listed company in NYSE (the New York Stock Exchange) since 7th September, 2006, which provides sustainable financial support to NOS as its fully-funded subsidiary company. This enables and backs up NOS to achieve its goal on promoting high quality kindergartens and supreme kindergartens country wide.


4. Professional Development: NOS’s professional human resource management experts have create a data base for all preschool teachers. In additional, a regular training platform and career development paths have been established for teachers from administration to core teachers. These approaches provide guarantee for NOS’s professional development country wide.

5. International Education Resources: Being supported on New Oriental’s international education resource channels, all NOS kindergartens have the certificates issued by education bureau to employ foreign teachers. NOS also worked with international professional team to have established the preschool education product called HappyVill, which ranges from English parent-child reading picture books, to offering comprehensive solutions for kindergarten teaching, App interactive family platforms, as well as those to be launched in the near future including visual and situational education products. By the end of 2016, the Family Edition had been introduced to the family by many preschool education experts including Mr Minhong Yu, Mama Sanchuanling and Uncle Kai and had been providing enlightenment English products and service to nearly 30,000 families, ever since the launch within half a year. With the expanding of influence brought by the Family Edition, the Teaching Edition is ready to be launched soon. Due to its high quality content and the high recognition by many experts, NOS has sought co-agents in over 20 cities and provinces country wide, so as to contribute to China’s preschool education. As one of the high-end

preschools / kindergartens in China, NOS strives at establishing international kindergartens for children and

their families to receive world’s advanced preschool education. Since June 2015, NOS has submitted the

application to be one of the IB Schools and has successfully been qualified for preselection schools.