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President's Message

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Our vision is provide quality early childhood education services to millions of Chinese children so they can grow in laughter and love.

As Mr. Michael Yu said, the fundamental goal of education is to develop a new generation of citizens with equal personality, free spirit, and independent thinking, via a combination of consciousness, reason, and kindheartedness as well as knowledge, technology, and innovation.

As an integral part of New Oriental Group, New Oriental Stars aims to develop children’s ability to explore, think, respect, and communicate with an open mind and empathy.

We will continue to invest on innovation of teaching, curriculum, services, and management en route to accomplishing our dream.

In the future, New Oriental Stars will spare no efforts in building an early childhood education eco-system.



Jana Zhou

President, Beijing New Oriental Stars Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

Vice-chairman, Pre-school Education Committee of the Chinese Association for Non-government Education