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New Oriental Stars (‘NOS’), a fully-funded subsidiary of New Oriental Education & Technology Group (‘New Oriental’), aims at initiating a top ranking preschool education brand in China by virtue of the sophisticated international education resources and background of New Oriental, and in the spirit of aesthetics, care, justice and service. Our business includes kindergarten management services, preschool education products research and development, teaching aids and toys development, preschool teacher training as well as other relating business within the industry. After years of growth, by the end of season one, 2017, NOS has now strategically established 14 kindergartens in Beijing, Nanjing, Qingdao, Yangzhou, Hangzhou, Hongkong and many other cities to provide authentic bilingual education backed up by first class international education environment for children of 2-6 years of age around the world, as well as to provide supreme preschool educational instructions and services for millions of families. In Addition, NOS integrates preschool education resource of home and abroad and has launched independent research and development on several product lines that cover children 0-3 years of age and 3-6 years of age, as well as creating varieties of educational scenarios that are used in kindergartens, local communities and families to facilitate ‘supreme family living circle’.  


NOS boasts a high-quality, highly standardized and professional teaching and administration team, many of whom, have won the honor of Prominent Teacher Award of different levels in different districts, cities and provinces as well as Researcher of Excellent Teaching Project. Along with the growth and development of NOS, the influence of NOS brand image has expanding gradually. It now has been rated as the most popular children’s education brand by Tencent 10 Years and the most influential children’s education brand by NetEase Education. 


NOS, committed to delivering outstanding ‘bilingual education’ and ‘character education’, are always striving at providing children from home and abroad with internationalized quality preschool education services.