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This product is a set of baby family English Enlightenment, the product name for the "First Touch", mainly by the interactive English picture books and promote the comprehensive development of infants and young children constitute a seamless, docked baby indoor and outdoor life of various scenes, To a new generation of 80,90 mothers to provide professional family education products. In addition, the product also provides a number of interactive games to serve the family (Chinese and English bilingual), can help parents to scientifically and effectively interact with the baby to promote the comprehensive development of the baby at the same time to establish a stable and good parent-child relationship and a happy family atmosphere.

The content of the product development is based on the sensitive period of the infants and young children of Montessori, as well as the British early education outline EYFS (full name "Early Years Foundation Stage") the two authoritative theoretical basis to carry out. EYFS is currently the world's most advanced theory of infant development, which combines a lot of advanced theory of early childhood education, research and practice, including the famous Italian Montessori (Maria Montessori) educational philosophy, Reggio (Reggio Emilio) on adults The concept of children and the importance of adult expectations, Germany's Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) concept, the United States of high education (High Scope) and so on.