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Enterprise Culture of NOS

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Mission statement:


to create top quality environment for children to grow by providing multiple and quality teaching and service in sync with international level, and to develop children’s global horizon.




Cultivate their enquiry learning, their desire to seek for knowledge, their ability to listen and solve problems, their wish to express and interact, their awareness of rules and principles, being frank, confident and tolerant, having a heart of sympathy, being adventurous, being comprehensively developed and taking actions through reflection.


Education philosophy:


 let children grow in joy and care


Our mission:


to promote children’s lifelong competitiveness, to shape children with citizen quality, to contribute to endow children with global horizon. 


Our vision:


to become a preschool education that are respected by others and having significant cultural influence within the industry. 


Enterprise value:


the spirit of aesthetics, care, justice and service.