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Across all industries around the world, what it is required, instead of intellectual talents only, are those integrated talents that engage technical knowledge, humanistic quality, artistic quality and perceptual knowledge as a whole. NOS is keen to develop children’s future with an eye to their abilities of enquiry learning, proactively acquiring knowledge, being good at listening and solving problems, being good at communication and interacting, having awareness of rules and principles, being frank, confident and tolerant, having a heart of sympathy, being adventurous, being comprehensively developed and taking actions through reflection. Our specialties in operating kindergartens are as follows:

1. Enquiry learning in bilingual environment

We aim to cultivate international citizens. Being child-centered, we facilitate one Chinese head teacher, one English assistant teacher and all-day foreign teachers, which ensures sufficient support for the bilingual environment and activities in the kindergarten to blend in English to children’s daily lives.

2. Education system that combines five core elements in China and leading edge international education.

Everyday teaching involves science and technology, living skills, emotional and social skills, arts, maths, music and physical education, which ensures comprehensive development of children.